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Where to buy Mexican tinplate?

If you are looking to buy Mexican tinplate online, you have come to the right place. At Molycata we have a wide range of Mexican tinplate handcrafts to decorate your home.

Are there different types of Mexican tinplate?

In Mexico we can find two areas where tinplate making has become an art.

On the one hand we have the tinplate from Oaxaca. This type of tinplate hearts usually leaves parts unpainted, showing the silver colour of the tinplate. The paint used is very bright enamels. These enamels are usually red or other bright colours.

On the other hand we find the tinplate hearts of San Miguel de Allende. San Miguel is the geographical centre of Mexico and is often referred to as “the heart of Mexico”. Because of this the predominant figure on their tinplates is the Sacred Heart.

In San Miguel the tinplate hearts usually have a multi-layered finish. This finish gives a spectacular three-dimensionality to the piece. In terms of colours, tinplate hearts from San Miguel de Allende tend to have a wider variety of colours than those from Oaxaca, as well as different finishes such as gold, antique and pastel colours.

How to decorate with tinplate hearts?

Most Mexican tinplate hearts are designed to be hung on the wall. For this purpose they have a washer on the back of the heart. This washer is sometimes folded for easy transport.

In Mexico it is common to create a set of tinplate hearts in different shapes and colours. Often these hearts are gifts from people who visit your home. Thus, giving a tin heart in Mexico is a symbol of friendship.

However, there are also hearts with a foot on the back. Thanks to this foot, you can also place your Mexican tin heart on a table or bedside table. Normally in these cases the heart is used as a mirror or portrait holder.

How are Mexican tinplate hearts made?

Tinplate hearts are still handmade.

  • First of all, the artisan draws the shape of the heart on the tinplate.
  • Then, using a pair of scissors, he cuts out the desired shape.
  • Once this is done, he begins to work with the chisel, striking the chisel with a hammer, which creates the notches of the tin heart on the surface of the piece.
  • We move on to the section of soldering different pieces or creating the box that will contain a mirror. This is how the final piece is created in terms of its shape.
  • The piece is decorated with paint and varnish, leaving the piece ready to decorate.

Metalwork is a craft that in Mexico is taught from father to son, maintaining a tradition that goes back hundreds of years.

What care do tinplate hearts need?

Tinplate, despite being a metal, is a thin sheet and can be easily scratched. For this reason, it is necessary to prevent as far as possible any knocks or scratches that could damage the surface of the piece.

On the other hand, tinplate can rust, so we should never expose our pieces to the elements or to very humid environments (for example, decorating the bathroom).

Finally, excessive heat can damage the paint on our tin heart. This is even more relevant if we talk about our tin lamps with wings, because if we use bulbs that give off heat and we keep them on for a considerable time, it will end up damaging the paint of the lamp. Therefore, we always recommend using bulbs that do not give off heat, such as LED bulbs.

Why choose Molycata for your tin hearts?

A real explosion of colour for your home decoration can be found in these Mexican tinplate hearts. With these handmade tin pieces from our shop you will have a decoration with a unique personality.

All these Mexican tinplate pieces have been made by Mexican artisans. In their purchase we have opted for fair, ethical and sustainable trade.

Here you will find the fantastic Mexican tinplate lamps. With them you will create an ambient light full of romanticism.

You will also find authentic Mexican tin hearts. They are available in the vibrant red of Oaxaca as well as in the multicoloured explosion of San Miguel de Allende.

Mexican hearts are a must-have for any Mexican decoration. The end result is a beautiful set that will bring your decor to life.

One of the most important areas for the elaboration of Mexican tinplate is San Miguel de Allende. This city has a legacy of craftsmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years.

We cannot forget the famous tin figure of Frida Kahlo. A fine example of surrealist art in coloured tin.

If you like Mexican decoration, you will love our Mexican tin hearts. The hardest thing will be to choose one among so much beauty.

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