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Ethnic cushion covers for your home

We have a mission: to bring to your home the most authentic ethnic cushion covers in the world to make your home decoration unique.

You can now buy the most attractive ethnic cushion covers with its own story. Each one of them is handmade, uniting centuries-old traditions with the most impressive designs.

We offer you ethnic cushion covers made of embroidered wool and coloured cotton. With these cushions you can decorate your sofa or bedroom. These pieces can also be used as cushion covers to add a boho-chic touch to your bedroom. All our cushions are made of 100% natural materials.

These ethnic cushion covers will make your home decoration stand out, they are unique pieces full of history. The embroidery that appears on these decorative cushions represents the history and beliefs of the different ethnic groups that have woven and embroidered them.

This knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation through the centuries until it reaches your hands. In most cases, the base of the decorative cushions is made using the backstrap loom technique. The craftswomen then embroider on the woollen or cotton tapestry. The craftswomen follow the patterns learned from their ancestors.

If you want to buy ethnic cushion covers, you can choose from a wide range of cushions and covers: cushions with tassels, cushions with pompoms, shaggy cushions, embroidered cushions… all of them handmade and acquired through fair and ethical trade.

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