Chiapas Wool Rugs

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Elaboration of the Chiapas Wool Rug

During our visit to the highlands of Chiapas we were amazed by the great variety of embroidery that the craftswomen of these villages wove. One of the most representative is the one that appears on this Chiapas wool rug. This embroidery appears in their clothing (huipils) as well as in other elements such as cushions and rugs.

Symbology of the Chiapas Wool Rug

The element represented is the rhombus, which symbolises the Mayan universe with its four cardinal points. The universe is also represented as farmland. Thus, the land would be divided into square-shaped farmlands (called “milpas”). The basic crop in the milpa is corn, which is represented by sprouts or shoots spiralling out from the centre of the rhombus.

As with the farmland, the embroiderer prepares the tapestry to be embroidered in the same way as the tiller prepares the soil. She first creates the warp that will support the embroidery using a backstrap loom, the warp symbolising the furrows in the soil. The fact that a backstrap loom is used means that the width of each carpet is usually no more than 75 cm, unlike with other types of looms.

The embroiderer then inserts the thread between the wefts in the same way as the farmer would insert the seed. The centre of the rhombus represents both the centre of the universe and the sown corn seed. Both the weft and the embroidery are entirely handmade using 100% pure wool. Being handmade, this rug incorporates the story and the heart of the embroiderer who made it. The result is a flexible and durable rug that will bring warmth and design to your favourite corner.

When you buy a Chiapas wool rug you are getting a unique piece. This models of Chiapas wool rugs have a dimensions of 300×75 cm. The final measurements of each rug are different. However, the exact size of each individual rug is given as additional information.

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