Alebrije – Armadillo


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This alebrije is shaped like an armadillo. In this alebrije the painting of its artisan reaches an inimitable perfection. It is completely covered by complex geometric shapes impossible to replicate, the result of the hands of a true artist.

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Alebrije Armadillo


We show you an alebrije of exceptional quality. This handmade copal wood alebrije from Oaxaca has a finish worthy of the best artists. This armadillo-shaped alebrije features elaborate and precise geometric figures that decorate its entire body. Each part of this Mexican wooden figure has its own pattern of figures, each one of which is a spectacle to behold.

The alebrijes of Oaxaca have a great tradition in Mexican handicrafts. Initially they were made of paper with the technique known as cartonería. They were fantastic beings that appeared in dreams to the artist Pedro Linares, who initially transferred them to reality in the form of paper figures. The Oaxacan artisans, experts in wood carving, reinterpreted these fantastic beings, raising their prestige and value even higher.

Within the same family, it is the man who carves the figure. Before carving it, the artist must feel the spirit of the animal he is going to carve, which sleeps inside the piece of wood, in order to give it shape. The finishing touch in the form of painting is given by the woman, who with her hands elevates the piece to a true work of art.

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Weight 1040 g
Dimensions 33 × 10 × 40 cm

1 review for Alebrije – Armadillo

  1. Sydney

    Pricey but beautiful. So worth it 💞✨

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