Cotton Pillow Shams – Handmade in Larrainzar, Chiapas


The original Larrainzar cotton pillow shams are now at your fingertips. These shams are made entirely with cotton, elaborated with a backstrap loom and embroidered entirely by hand with an authentic jewel of craftsmanship full of symbolism and Mayan culture.

You can now decorate your home with these marvellous and authentic cotton pillow shams, each one is different and is made with the love and wisdom of the artisans of Chiapas.

They measure 43×43 centimetres (although these may vary slightly) and each cushion weighs approximately 150 grams. They have an opening at the back to insert the stuffing.

These models have a pair so that you can have the complete set and in all of them the base of the cushion is white, the original colour of the undyed cotton.

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Cotton Pillow Shams from Chiapas

Authentic and much-loved Mexican handmade cotton pillow shams are now available to you. Handmade entirely from cotton, they are a treasure that can now be yours.

The Larrainzar handmade cotton pillow shams are square in shape, with an approximate size of 43×43 centimetres and a weight of about 150 grams each. The cushion filling can be inserted through the back of the cover, as it has a flap-shaped opening.

These cotton pillow shams are made entirely of cotton. The base is woven on a backstrap loom and then the Chiapanecan artisans embroider the different symbols in coloured cotton thread. The result is a 100% handmade cushion with the best material. They are beautiful pieces full of symbolism. These Mexican handmade shams will fill your home with authenticity and the colourfulness of the Mayan culture.

You can find more Mexican handmade cushions made of white cotton in San Andrés Larrainzar with the typical rhombus embroidery in this link. If you like the cotton bases in a different colour, you can also find them here. And if you are looking for hand-embroidered Mexican woollen cushions, visit this link.

Meaning of the embroidery on the Larrainzar handmade cotton pillow shams


The shams come from the community of Larrainzar. San Andres Larrainzar is a town in the highlands of Chiapas, the mountainous area in the central part of the State of Chiapas, Mexico. This town is known for the high quality of its handicrafts, where the symbol of the Mayan rhombus is omnipresent.

The traditional embroidery of Larrainzar features a rhombus composed of four concentric rhombuses surrounded by branches. This rhombus is present in the embroidery of the Mexican handmade cushions shown here. The meaning of these rhombuses is that of farmland and the process of sowing and germination of corn. The central points represent the sown grain and the outer branches represent the process of germination. The importance given to maize in Mayan culture, the basis of their diet, is remarkable.

Such is the importance of maize cultivation in Mayan culture that they understand the universe as a great cultivated land divided up for the different Mayan families, called milpas. Thus the 4 cardinal points appear and in the centre of the rhombus, the process of cultivating corn.

These cotton pillow shams have a white base. Do you already know what place they will occupy in your home?

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 43 × 43 cm

Vac Turquoise, Vac Red, Vac Violet, Grey 2, Yellow, Salmon, Red, Pink 2, Violet 3

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  1. Elisa Moss

    I recommend this shop and the cushions with all my heart! The owners of this shop choose the products with great care and attention and are incredibly friendly! And the delivery to Germany was also very fast! The best of the best!

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