Embroidered Quilt from Zinacantan, Chiapas

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The embroidered quilt of Zinacantan is one of the most prestigious embroidered handicrafts in all of Mexico. Entirely handmade in pure cotton. Months of work summarize the ancestral embroidery of the Tzotzil people.

You can find your quilt in two sizes (children’s bed and double bed), and you can use the small one as a wall tapestry

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Embroidered Quilt from Zinacantan

Within the embroidery of Chiapas, the most prestigious locality is Zinacantan. The embroidered quilt of Zinacantan is the highest expression of the quality of embroidery in Chiapas.

The area where Zinacantan is located, in the highlands of Chiapas, is dominated by the Tzotzil ethnic group. Each village has its own embroidery, as well as its own symbolism. In the case of Zinacantan, embroidery is a manifestation of the nature that surrounds the village. This representation for the Zinacantecos is a token of gratitude to the creator of all nature.

Despite the excellent quality of their embroidered quilts, the economy of the people of Zinacantan is based on the cultivation of greenhouse flowers. The town of Zinacantán is the largest producer of flowers in all of Mexico. Thus, a large part of the Zinacantan embroidery represents the great variety of flowers of the region, as well as its fauna.

In the embroidery of Zinacantan, it is common to find the figure of the peacock. This peacock is found in the wild in the forests of the area.

The base of the Zinacantán embroidered quilt is made of cotton, handmade from pure cotton. Thus, the making of the quilt base is slow and laborious. Each quilt takes months of work for the craftswoman who makes it. Once the quilt base is finished, the embroidery work begins.

Among the different qualities of embroidery that we were able to see, we selected the highest quality ones. Each embroidered bedspread from Zinacantan will make the decoration of your home unique. You will have in your home an exclusive piece, handmade following the ancestral tradition of the Tzotzil people.

You can find the bedspread in 2 sizes, one suitable for children’s beds, or as a wall tapestry, and the other for a double bed.

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  1. Stephanie

    The item came exactly as I expected and was delivered right on time. I absolutely love the quilt and am so excited to use it!! Also, the owner was super communicative and kind – I’ll be purchasing more from this shop in the future!

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