Guatemala Wooden Wall Mask – Rabbit


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With this wooden wall mask from Guatemala you will have a real treasure in your hands. Handcrafted in the Guatemalan morerías, each one of them is truly special.

A real collector’s item within your reach, unique and exclusive, that will take your home decoration to a new dimension.

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Decorative Wooden Wall Masks from Guatemala


If you want to give your home decoration an original look, these handmade wooden wall masks from Guatemala will be your choice. Decorate the wall of your home with the most colourful and cheerful masks from Guatemala.

These decorative masks will give an ethnic and bohemian touch to your home decoration. They are all as different and unique as your decorating style.

Some of these decorative wooden masks have an antiquity and use in ceremonial dances that make them unique.

On the other hand, other decorative masks have been made exclusively by the artisan for us, following our instructions.

These pieces are carved in white pine wood. The artisans have not used wood from protected forests when making the decorative masks.

The artisan has made each of these masks by hand. Likewise, the work of painting each mask is done by the artisan’s family. The artisan workshops where the wooden masks are made are called morerías. Also in the morerías, wooden religious figures are made. Each morería belongs to a family.

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Weight 750 g
Dimensions 40 × 31 × 11 cm

1 review for Guatemala Wooden Wall Mask – Rabbit

  1. bubblegum

    ok I am obsessed with this mask

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