Handmade Woollen Rug – 235×150 cm Guatemalan Rug – Dark Blue


Authentic handmade woollen rug created by Guatemalan artisans. With dimensions of 235×150 cm and with exclusive colour combinations they will give a genuine touch of colour to your home

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Authentic handmade woollen rugs from Guatemala

These handmade woollen rugs from the rugged mountains of Totonicapan, Guatemala, are exceptional. The entire process of making these rugs is completely handmade. Each of the handmade woollen rugs from Guatemala require approximately one month to be made.

The Guatemalan wool rugs we offer will fit perfectly with your living room decor. They are 235 centimetres long and 150 centimetres wide. The colour combination is incredible. On a motif that is iconic in Guatemala, the artisans combine the colours in a prodigious way. No two colour combinations are the same. The rugs shown here have its border in a dark blue colour.

How handmade woollen rugs are made

Do you want to know how they are made? First of all, the artisan creates the mat that will be the base of the rug with the same sheep’s wool that will be used later. Once this is done, the artisan inserts tufts of wool of different colours one by one. In this way, the fantastic wefts that can be found in each rug are formed. These inserted woollen tufts create a fluffy carpet. In this way, the rug is made of 100% natural wool. Due to their fluffiness, these woollen rugs are also called “shaggy”.

As they are made of pure sheep’s wool, these handmade rugs are excellent insulators against cold and heat. They are very durable. So they retain their beauty over time. If you want a smaller size of this rug, ideal for decorating children’s rooms, you can find in our website.

Which colour combination is the best for your home?

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Weight 4000 g
Dimensions 235 × 150 × 1 cm

Model 1, Model 2, Model 3, Model 4, Model 5

1 review for Handmade Woollen Rug – 235×150 cm Guatemalan Rug – Dark Blue

  1. Andy Shawn

    I’m thrilled!!! This rug is truly a statement piece. The design and colors make a big impact in my guest room. Beautifully made!! Very quick shipping even though it comes from Spain. Great shop with unique items

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