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The ancestral Mazahua culture together with the hands of their artisans have created these Mexican cushion covers that can be yours right now

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Mexican Pillow Cover. History, tradition and elegance

From Valle de Bravo, a town in the State of Mexico, we bring you these handmade mexican pillow covers. It is the Mazahua people (which means the people of the deer) who make this type of embroidery. The embroideries they make are always associated with the surrounding nature.

The Mazahua artisans use completely natural materials in the elaboration of the cushions. These artisans create the base of the woollen cushion using the backstrap loom. Later, using embroidery techniques such as cross-stitch, pepenado and houndstooth, they create these beautiful mexican pillow covers.

In their culture, embroidery depicting flowers or fruit represents abundance and life. However, the central cross that dominates most of the woollen cushions does not symbolise a flower and its petals, but represents the universe according to Mazahua culture, with the 4 cardinal points and the 4 elements.

The colours used are also a particularity of Mazahua embroidery. For this people, a maximum of 3 different colours must be used to make a piece (in addition to the colour of the tapestry). The use of more colours represents a lack of respect for the embroidery and should be avoided.

The Mazahua handmade mexican pillow covers measure 45×45 centimetres and weigh approximately 110 grams. One side of the cushion is not sewn so that the filling can be inserted. Almost every cushion has its own pair. This way you can form a beautiful combination.

Don’t miss the chance to get your hands on a piece of ancestral Mexican culture that has survived to the present day. A piece that combines culture, knowledge, craftsmanship made with love and a design that will make everyone who sees it fall in love with it.

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 45 × 45 cm

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  1. Aisa A.

    Ich bin absolut verliebt in meine neuen Kissen, sie sind genau das richtige für meinen Lieblingsplatz! Sie sind so wunderschön und die Qualität ist top! Die Leute hinter diesem Shop sind die liebsten Menschen überhaupt, der Kontakt war so wahnsinnig nett und der Versand rasend schnell! Gerne unbedingt wieder, keine Frage! ☺️

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