Otomi Embroidery – 2×2 Single Colour


We offer you the well-known Tenango embroidery in 2×2 format, also known as Otomi embroidery. It can be used as a bedroom decoration in the form of a bedspread, or to decorate the wall of any room.

Slightly smaller than 2×2 metres, these Tenangos are hand-embroidered. Each one takes 6 to 8 months to complete. The embroidery is done with cotton thread, as is the base on which it is embroidered, called “manta”.

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Otomi Embroidery


Otomi embroidery or Tenango embroidery is the best known embroidery in all of Mexico, both within and outside its borders. It comes from the Sierra de Hidalgo, a place where skilled embroiderers dedicate between 6 and 8 months of work to make a single piece.

The Otomi embroideries presented here are original pieces made in Tenango de Doria, embroidered on a square piece of unbleached cotton (which the locals call “manta”), which gives the base an ecru colour. Each Tenango embroidery is a unique piece, as its figures are previously hand-drawn on the fabric, and then embroidered by the skilled embroiderers.

These Mexican embroideries can be used as a beautiful embroidered bedspread, or as an embroidered tablecloth, and are also widely used as wall decoration, hung with frames.

The dimensions of these embroideries are approximately 185 x 185 centimetres, although the embroiderers themselves refer to them as 2×2 (speaking in metres), although the final result is slightly smaller. The usual colour of the tenango embroideries is multicoloured, although here we present single-colour embroideries so that they can be more easily incorporated into the decoration of your home.

These original tenango embroideries are widely recognised and in demand, being essential pieces in Mexican decoration.

Our tenango embroideries are already finished pieces that we have in our warehouse, so you won’t have to wait to enjoy them. We ship from Spain by express courier service, so you will have your precious tenango embroidery at home in about a week.

Dimensions 185 × 185 cm

Yellow 1, Yellow 2, Blue, Soft Blue, White, Cherry, Fuchsia, Grey, Black, Red, Soft Pink, Turquoise, Lime

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  1. Ina Henderson

    Beautiful piece of art. Very fast shipping. Very pleased with this otomi embroidery

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